Hardest Position in Soccer Sports to Master and Most Skilled Outfield Football Positions to Play (Guide, Names, Roles, And Formations) | A Player’s Opinion

Learn about most important, best, skilled, weakest, toughest, offensive, 6v6 & hardest position in soccer sport to play for players & goalie.

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I am one of a kind soccer player that has played soccer in every position that you can imagine. It has allowed me to focus and analyse different positions and settings on the go. I can tell you about what exactly you can encounter by playing in different positions.

I do hope this will bring you a great deal of knowledge.

What is the hardest Position in soccer (Soccer Players Positions)

These soccer positions are the one that is the most difficult & hardest position in sports in soccer. These include.

  • Goalkeeper
  • FullBack
  • Defensive Midfielder


A goalkeeper is the most vital part of the team. It’s like a driver in the car. Any mistake that is made by the goalkeeper can cause trouble for all the players that are playing the game.

The main purpose of the soccer player is to protect against the goal is being scored against him. But, the game of soccer has changed drastically over the years since when the soccer was invented.

The role of the goalkeepers has changed over the years. They have been involved in different roles while playing the game. They also attack the other goal post during the last hours of the game. They come forward and do shoots that make the ball go out of the stadium.

They also try to pass the goal to the players for the best possible scenario.

As goalie is the most skilled and the hardest position in the entire soccer so they have to wear cups and the mouth guard for the protection.


Talking about the fullback itself, it is the most demanding and hectic position of all time. it requires a lot of energy from the players to get the most out of a game. If you are playing at this position, then you will be required to do a lot of extraneous exercises to reach your targets and goals in the long run.

Players who are playing at this position have to stop a lot of attacks that are being done on them. They need to stop the attack and make a run to the side of the fields. They also make direct quality shots and pass the shots to the attackers that are standing in the box.

Players who are playing at such positions need a lot of physical strength and power.

Defensive Midfielders:

This is another position that is also very hectic and daunting. The basic purpose of this position is to stop the attacks that are coming from the other side of the field. The radius of the footballers is huge as they have to constantly move around to reach their desired target that is set by the captain.

However, we have also noticed that such players are also used to get and perform dual roles in the game.

In the modern soccer game, such players play a very big role in passing the ball from the line of defense to the attacking line and vice versa.

While talking about the goal keeps it is very mentally challenging. The player who is performing the task should be mentally fit to make the goal. The goalkeeper should remain focused all the time and nothing matter how long is a soccer game. This means that he has to stay focus in the game. He also has to be mentally strong. This also means that mistakes can happen and they have to remain calm and under control all the time to avoid making mistakes.

The post keeps, on requires a lot of good skills, coordination, bravery, courage, flexibility, and mental toughness. It also requires a lot of physical gains and fitness, the other hand.

The position of the defender allows and requires concentration and focus also. IF you are covering your goal post, then you have to be very quick. This also means that you have to make very quick decisions, on the other hand, if the opponents are shooting goal then you should be very quick

If the defender is not cautious then the opponent can easily score a goal and it will be the biggest nightmare of the opposing team.

What the Easiest Position in Soccer


Although fullback is considered one of the most difficult positions, but on the basis of the responsibility it is the Easiest Position in Soccer. What is the most special thing about this position is the fact that it requires a lot of physical exhaustion.

A lot of players are involved in trying to score a goal when you are playing the fullback position so it always requires constant running and covering the whole football ground.

What Is the Best Position in Soccer

Midfielders: Best Position to Play in Soccer

It is one of the most important jobs best soccer positions while playing in a team because of the position at which a midfielder plays. Midfielders always connect to the defensive line as well as the offensive line of the formation.

One of the biggest and the most challenging thing about the midfielders is to make the right design at the right time while controlling the ball. Midfielders are usually the playmakers and the whole team is always depending on them. During football midfielders usually control the possession of the ball when two teams are fighting against each other.

Midfielders are one of the key players that are directly involved I the passing of the ball and to fill the space so that the other players can’t attack the ball to the goalpost. They usually have a big obligation to fill that’s why the defensive and the attack usually rely on them.

Offensive Position in Soccer


It is one of the essential positions that a midfielder often tends to use. It usually separates his ability to take advantage of the spatial awareness and the vision of the play.

A playmaker is the game architect and usually designs the whole team and the game. He should always be one step ahead of any player that is playing against him. A playmaker often leads the game.

It always allows that are always expected to the unexpected and to create the excess that is needed from the side.

They always have a goal to put the ball to the area of the penalty. They are always required to pass the ball into the box or to the penalty area. A playmaker should always be positive about his game. He should always guide his players and teammates about what he’s going to do.


A winger also plays a very important role in the game. He always makes the most and the biggest challenge that is asked of him. They are always expected to make the space that is required from them.

Wingers always make excess space for their opponents and the team success is highly dependent on the fact that how they run and how quick they are in getting the ball to the goal post.

They always have a goal to put the ball into the goal post. They do this by passing the ball into the penalty area.

If you are a fraction late, then you won’t make it. This means that speed always plays a very important role in getting the ball into the desired area.

What Is the Most Important Position in Soccer

Strikers: Most Important Soccer Position

Strikers also come into play in this. They often make the most difficult decision in the game. The performance of the strikers always uplifts the performance of the team. If they miss a chance of the goal, then it can destroy the morale of the game.

Often a striker is judged by the chances he misses. The greatest challenge of a striker is the positioning. They always try to create the necessary pressure on the defenders of the other team. They always exploit the small gap that is present in the goal post and the opponent.

When a striker is positioned right he can receive the highest number of goals from his teammates. This can create a huge opportunity for its mates. There is a huge responsibility for the players who play as a striker to score the required goal that is required from them to realize the required opportunities.

Skilled Positions: Where Most Skilled Soccer Players Found

Several positions require the most skill in soccer or football. The fate of a soccer match is often decided in the middle of the battlefield.

The players playing on the battlefield have a huge responsibility. As the players are involved in the direct movement of the ball. Midfielders are those players who always control the flow of the game most often. The pace of the game is often determined by the midfielders of the game.

Midfielders also create the changes that are required from them this helps to create the necessary goal that is needed to win the game.

Modern soccer is very face-paced and often involves the greater pace and the entire possession of the ball all the time.

The success of the game is direct with the number of goals scored by a team. The more goals a team scores, the more chances there are to win the game.

Modern soccer often involves taking the right decision at the right time. This involves having great ball control, passing at the right time: shooting, endurance positioning, agility, space awareness, and much more. You not only speed, but you also need several other factors to win the game: this means that there would be a sleepless night where you will be putting your blood and sweat to win the game.

These are the factors that play a majority role in the win of the game. These factors include.

  • Endurance of the players.
  • Positioning of the players
  • Shooting
  • Agility
  • Ball control & Passing
  • Space awareness
  • Decision Making

There are a lot of positions that require a lot of stamina and endurance, as soccer is the most physical, exercise-demanding game in the world. Each position in soccer requires a lot of stamina, endurance, and physical strength.

The positions that require the most work include the near the large radius of the stadium. This includes moving in any direction to take control of the game.

The fullbacks that are playing in the game usually make the most contribution to the attacking movements. However, they also close all the approaches towards the goals and the flanks at the same time.

Your nerves will be tested at every moment. You should consider joining a gym if you are looking to make it big in soccer.

Whether you are playing offensively or defensively, you will be required to show your strength and endurance at the same time. At the same time, you should consider running at maximum speed and agility. There should be times when you will make large passes with long and short kicks.

Soccer Positions with the Most Speed:

Winger requires you to be the fastest. Their task is to develop an attack that makes them unstoppable. They attack along the line and flank and not through the middle of the field.

Those players who are well equipped are usually the fastest soccer player in this game. Players exploit their speed in this game and often try to pass the ball into the empty space and then running past the enemy opposing defensive players.

The world’s most reckless players are made up of real speed agility. Players such a Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Gareth Bale, are always very elusive for the enemy teams.

Their speed often makes it possible for them to pass the ball to their defenders and create high chances for their team.

The Position That Requires the Most Awareness:

The position of players, that you should super speedy is the playmaker because they have to be very swift while doing what they are doing. They should be able to comprehend everything that is coming their way.

A playmaker should have a great vision before they try to receive anything. They are highly creative individuals and try to be the original in every game.

A playmaker usually Controls every action of their game and their team. They try to act like an orchestra and the conductor of the field.

They always need to play in the most proper and timely manner. They try to keep an eye on the ball and always have an eye on the ball. They set the rhythm of the game. Play-makers usually have a huge radius of movement and they are the main protagonist of the attacks of the game.

What Is the Toughest Position in Football?

Cornerback is the toughest position in the whole field. This position require those soccer player that have enough patience and mental discipline along with the near-superhuman physical skills

Where to Play Weakest Soccer Player

We can’t say that each player in the soccer team is one of the top notch player. Every team has it own flaws including the weak players. Now this is the coach responsibility to present it team in such a way that it minimize its team weakness. Best practice is to put the weakest soccer player to outside the field and put the strongest player in the center of the pitch.

But on the defender position you can’t take any type of risk. You must have to put the toughest player on the defender position and on the central midfielder position.

Final Verdict:

Now we can easily conclude, that soccer goalie is the hardest position in soccer. I would like to give my honest opinion to a good soccer position doesn’t make it easy for you to play. But if you make it right, then you can score plenty of goals in the shortest amount of time


What is the least important position in soccer?

You can’t win soccer match by focusing on the on specific position. Which mean that every position in the soccer has its own worth in the entire match. So you will have to focus all of the positions in the soccer in order to win the match against the opponent. Therefore there is not least important position in soccer

What is the most important position in soccer and why?

The forward position is the most important position in soccer. Because soccer players present in these position are responsible for making goals for their team. All of these from the direction of the match to the winning of the match depend on these player.

What is the most important skill in soccer?

The reference from the coach Dylan which state that passing is the most important skill in soccer. This is the major skill by which the soccer players move forward the ball to the goal for their team. This will be possible if the soccer player act as a family and the team rather than to play individually in the soccer pitch

What position in soccer gets injured the most?

Undoubtedly forwards is the position in the soccer field in which most of the soccer players get injured always

What’s the most dangerous position in football?

These positions come among the most dangerous football positions.
• Quarterback.
• Linebacker.
• Running back.
• Offensive tackle
• Offensive guard.
• Center.

Why is cdm the hardest position in soccer

The soccer player must have to be fit enough to play in the Center Defensive Midfielder (CDM). Which make cdm the hardest position in soccer

Who runs the most in soccer?

The football player present in the midfielder runs the most because they act as a defender and offender for their team at the same time.


Till now we have learned about most important, best, skilled, weakest, toughest, offensive, 6v6 & hardest position in soccer sport to play for players & goalie.

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