How many players on a soccer team?

Haven’t you curious about How Many Players on a Soccer Team of your best one team. Almost most of the soccer enthusiast don’t know about number of player in soccer match. Definitely every soccer enthusiasts that just started their soccer journey must know about this.

This guide is about how many players on a soccer team, field, U12-11, high-school & [youth & kids’] regulation game at starting time. Including substitute’s people. With this we will discuss about the soccer formations and how it effect the soccer player in the positions. At the end we will learn about the soccer substitutes and its total limit for a team.

How Many Players On A Soccer Team? (Official Rule)

Here we are not talking about the Casual kickabouts and the pick up soccer. This is because these are the soccer games that we play for fun purposes. Most of the people play these casual soccer games and matches for maintaining the mental and body health. These type of casual football matches have not any fixed amount of player in it.

Whether it is a professional sports or a professional games, everyone has its own rules and regulation. Every international sport has its own international board from where the rules are comes. So every international players   obey these rule which are comes from these international boards.

Here we are talking about that How Many Players on a Soccer Team.  Before discussing this we have to see about the authority board. We have to see which international board hold the rule and regulations of soccer.

International Football Association Board is the authority which decides the rules and regulation of the soccer. You may call it IFAB also which decides Laws of the Game. IFAB was came into being on June 2, 1886, it’s headquarter is situated in Zürich, Switzerland.

IFAB in the “FIFA Laws of the Game” have describe all its rule about the soccer. In the “FIFA Laws of the Game” its 3rd point which is concerned about how many players are in a soccer team.  Let’s see that what is written in the 3rd point about “how many people on a soccer team”

How Many Players Are Allowed On The Field Per Team In A Regulation Soccer Game

We have already known that the 3rd point of “FIFA Laws of the Game” is all about the “how many players are on a soccer team”. This law clearly state that, both of the team must have 11-players at any one of the time. From these 11- players one must be a 1-goal keeper.

How Many Starting Players On A Soccer Team

You have many of you confused about the statement of the IFAB about the number of player in soccer team. Obviously, many of you have query about “how many soccer players should be on the field at the same time”. You don’t need to be confused anymore because i am here for you, to remove all of yours queries.

Here you will understand more. Soccer match start only if both of the team has 11-player with included 1-goalkeeper. If any of the both team does not fulfill this requirement then they are not allow to play the match. Although they have many other conditions but here we are only discussing about the number of soccer players on field at the start of the game.

From this you can easily understand that if two soccer team want to begin the match then both of the team has must 11-player including 1-goalkeeper?

How Many Players On A High School Soccer Team

The rules of high school soccer is not different from the professional soccer game. So there should 11 player of each team at the time of match start. Which include the 1 goalkeeper for each of team.

How Many Players On A Soccer Team On The Field (POSITION)

In this we will discuss about the 5 Most Popular Soccer Formations and how it effect the number of soccer players on field. We will learn about the position of the soccer player in the field. How a team arrange these eleven players on the field. Or on what basis these soccer players are separated on the ground.

These are the basis on which a team divide their player on the field. These are basically the major position on which players are divided

The strikers

Soccer players in this section normally called as the striker. The main aim of the player in this is to score more goal for their team.


Soccer players in this section normally called as the Defender. The main aim of the player in this is to prevent goal from the opposite team. They are basically the second line of defense after the goalkeeper. They are preset at the front of the goal keeper

Goalkeeper or goalkeeper

Player standing in this section normally call as goal keeper. If defenders fail to defend then its goalkeeper duty to prevent the goal from their opposite team.

The 5 Most Popular Soccer Formations:

If we talk about the US soccer then they mostly prefer to 4-3-3 formation which is further divided in to two variation. One is variation is (Attack Minded Midfield) and the second variation is (DEFENCIVE MIDFIELD)

These are the 5 Most Popular Soccer Formations



Variation: 2 (FLAT MIDFIELD)


Variation: 1 (Attack Minded Midfield)





Number of soccer players on field on each of the position

I hope that you have understand the major positions on which players divide in the field. Now our next task is to understand the amount of the players on each position. Among all of the sports game, soccer is basically a strategy type game. The team who make strong strategies against their opponent always wins.

These each of the positions played an important role in winning of the team. Keep this in mind that it doesn’t mean that player always stay in this specific positions. Except goalkeeper every player can move anywhere in the ground. These are basically the strategic positions. Which mean a player can move anywhere on the ground but have to perform their specific responsibilities according to the condition.

These strategies are decided by the captain of the team, after the coach advices. Moreover number of the people in these positions are depend on the soccer formations which team make.


Team are allowed to have only one player in this section. So team has only one goalkeeper and they are only one who can even touch the soccer ball. Their main purpose is to prevent their opponent from scoring the goal

Defences position

Most of the team prefer 4 players in the defensive position. There are mostly known as defender their main purpose is to dismiss the ball coming toward the goal. They mostly pass the ball toward the middle centers or midfielders’ players. Although they can stop the ball from the head also.

If defensive players play well, it ease the work for the goalkeeper. Then there is no work left for the goalkeeper. Sometime goalkeeper get exhausted or bored if the defender are playing very well. If the team form 4-3-3 formation then it mean they have 4 player on the Defensive position.

Middle centers or midfielders

Most of the team prefer 3 to 4 player in the Midfield Soccer Positions. Again it depend upon the soccer formation of the team. If they form 4-3-3 soccer formation then there will be 3 plyers in the middle center. Their main responsibilities is to keep away the ball from their zone. Middle center player most pass the ball to the player present in the strike zone.

Moreover they help out the both the defenders and the striker. Definitely they play an important role in the winning of the match

Forwards or strikers

Most of the team prefer to place 2 to 3 three player as the strikers’ position. These striker player are responsible for scoring the goal for their team. They receive ball from the midfielders which they use them for scoring the goal.

If the team form 4-3-3 formation then it mean they have 3 player on the striker position.

How Many Players On A Soccer Team Including Substitutes

Here we will discuss about the substitution of the players and the total number of soccer player including substitutes.

It is wonder and miracle for the team, if the match is end up without substituting any player. You may have question arise that what reason may cause the substitution of the player. Normally if the player got severe injured or not able to play properly then the team is allow to substitute their player with the other one.

In the early age’s team were not allowed to replace any of the player. The players simply left the match, if they got injured. This caused a huge pressure on the team.

As the time passed, on 1950 this rule was changed completely. After that the team were allowed only one replacement. Second amendment on this rule was on 1960. In which it is decided that team were allowed of two replacement. Whether it is tactical substitutions or injury, it does not matter.

Let’s talk about the recent year in which replacement have increased. Now team are allowed three replacement. Now they have the bonus point that is if they are given overtime, then they are allow to do the fourth replacement also.

Total number of soccer players including substitutes.

Team have normally seven players that are sitting on the bench on the side of the field. From these seven the team can substitute any three player from the field players. It mean if the team have 11 players in the ground and 7 players on the bench that make total 17 players. Total soccer team consist of 21 players including all of other people also.

Why Number Of Player In Soccer Goes Down To Ten Or Fewer Players

Have you ever notice that some of the team lose their players. What is the reason behind of losing player in the field. These are the two reason which cause the loosing of the players for the team.

  • Substitutions finish
  • Behavior of a player

Condition One: used all of the substitutions

This is the very bad situation for a team in which team use all of the given replacement. Now team can’t substitute further anymore. At this situation an injured player cause the loss of the player for a team. This is because team have utilize all of it’s given substitutions.

Condition Two: Behaviour of a player

Behaviour of the player is another reason that cause the team to lose the player. If a player get yellow card it mean that that player is attitude is not right. Furthermore if referee want to warn again, then it will again give the yellow card to the player. But it’s to be noted, once the player get the red card it will be removed from the field.

IFAB Statement

IFAB states that the team will continue to play, until unless it have left seven player. it mean if the team lose all of their player and is less than seven then it is not allow to play anymore.


Now we can easily conclude the total number of soccer player from the article “How Many Players on a Soccer Team”. We can say that at the start of the match both of the team have must 11 player including 1 goal keeper. That mean there is total 22 player must be present in the field including both team player.

But if we add the field and the pitch players then each team has almost total 21 people in the team.

In the next, we have learned about the soccer substitutes that each team have 3. In the next, we have learned about the soccer substitutes that each team have 3. At the end we have learnt that team will not play any more in the field if it has left less than seven player in the field.

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