best soccer formation for 7v7 (positions' strategy to coach youth player)

Know’ Best Soccer Formation for 7v7. Learn positions (3-3, 2-3-1, 2-1-2-2, 2-3-2, 3-2-3) & strategy with diagram to coach youth player. Don’t ever miss these best defensive strategy and the tactics. Truly it helps you in u10, u8, u9 and u12 football drills. It doesn’t matter whether you practicing in indoor or in the field.

What if you will missed this best soccer formation for 7v7? Definitely then you can never play well against your opponent for 7v7, even if you have best soccer ball. Obviously for this you will have to stay on this.

As we are here to guide about how you can potentially become the next Ronaldo. Keep reading and you will find out about the Best Soccer Formation For 7v7 out there.

The 10 Best Soccer Formation For 7v7

One of the few ways to play soccer is to have a seven-a-side (7v7) formation that will serve the purpose that you are looking for. As it understands all the basics of soccer.

If a soccer field has smaller pitches, then it gets to involve more soccer players and it also forces them to focus on the techniques such as their best tested techniques such as the ability to control the ball as well as dribbling and ball control

Tactical formations are the best part of goal scoring. For such development teams always need to be vigilant. They need to highly tactical and offensive and should also bring defense. It may be noted that it would bring the best out of the teams.

The article best soccer formation for 7v7 will highlight the best formation that one can have that includes 7v7. Each formation has its pros and cons.

2-3-1: 7v7 Soccer Formations

This is one of the most commonly used 7 v 7 soccer strategy out there which involves seven players at a side. It has two defenders, Three midfielders and also a central striker.

It tends to offer balance always. If there is a midfielder that will help at the back then at the same time support will be offered by the lone striker.

Skills that will be required:

This 2 3 1 soccer formation 7v7 always requires strikers to maintain their position fully on the pitch. The midfielders have multiple positions and responsibilities that makes them to play both offensively and defensively. Although midfielder’ position is not the hardest position in soccer.


  • This is one of the most stable soccer formations where the soccer players are spread throughout the field.
  • In such type of formation, the role of the everyone is clearly defined. This type of rule is best suited for young players.
  • With such formation teams tends to have full control over the ball and they can pose a serious threat to the opponents of the opposition.


  • Three players in the middle can over lap each other as they can get into each other ways.
  • The three players can do a lot of running because they have a job to fulfill and they have a job to perform at the both ends of the pitch.
  • The defenders can be pulled out at any time which can create huge gap in the center of the field.

2-1-2-1: Soccer Formations 7v7

In this 7 man soccer formations, the players and the midfielders have a clear set of responsibilities. There are three midfielders in the middle.

The three midfielders in the middle will clearly focus on the defense while the other two are expected to remain top high on the pitch really close to the lone striker.

Skills that are required:

We should understand that tactically there needs to be an understanding about the midfielders that have both the defensive as well as the offensive responsibilities.

There is a huge risk of them becoming and moving forward. They might easily get disconnect with the two parts of the pitch.


  • It has to be noted that the two players that are primarily playing should be both offensive as well as defensive.
  • This type of formation offer both solidity as well power as there is a huge chance of scoring goals at the same time.
  • The three at athe front have the freedom at which they can work.


  • There is a chance that the two teams can be divided into two mini teams that can go both for the defense as well as the offense.
  • If there is too much space between the players then there could be a chance of possible goals.
  • It may be noted that the defensive and likeminded players who are prepared to at the base of the midfield cannot get caught out of the position.

3-1-2: 7v7 Soccer Strategy

This 7 player soccer formations involved players at all the relevant position which includes three defenders, two strikers as a midfielder.

The required skill:

The central part of the three defenders needs to be very comfortable on the ball. They need to be ready all the time and should step into the midfield so that the ball would remain on their side most of the time.


  • It becomes very difficult to score against the defenders as well as the midfielders that are covering ahead of them.
  • It is highly possible that a major possession might be in the middle of the pitch.
  • There might be not a single emphasis on the individual skills as well as the formations.


  • There might be a huge risk that the striker might become too isolated.
  • The formation of these players can become to narrow and the two midfielders can play very close to each other depending on the possibility.
  • There is a central role of the midfielders who are expected to take over when things get out of hands.

3-1-1-1: 7v7 Soccer Positions

This youth soccer formations 7v7 consists of three defenders, a defensive midfield as well as a more offensive midfielder with a striker.

Skills that are required:

It highly requires players to become part of the system. The full backs are willing to push the ball forward with a very solid defensive midfielder. The attacking midfielder should be prepared to roam around.


  • It offers plenty of cover at the back
  • When you are with the right personnel it offers a lot of flexibility on the pitch.
  • Both the attacking midfielder as well as striker offers a goal.


  • This can become very narrow as the fullbacks cannot move or get forward.
  • The team can get outnumbered as possession can become very difficult.
  • There comes a huge responsibility on both the striker as well as the attacking midfielder to form a very effective partnership.
  • There comes a huge responsibility on both the striker as well as the attacking midfielder to form a very effective partnership.

3-2-1: 7 v 7 Soccer Tactics

This 7 on 7 soccer positions diagram consists of three defenders, one midfielder, and two strikers.

Required Skills:

For this skill to be very successful, a team needs to be very good with defenders as well as the striker.


  • The three midfielders that are playing usually cover the midfielders and make it hardest to score against.
  • Team going through such formation has the most possession and dominance while they are playing in the middle of the pitch.
  • Teams might not be able to score because of the strong midfield attack and the strong positioning.
  • This formation is highly tactical and also allows people to have high speed.


  • It is one of the most defensive formation where a striker can be isolated easily and there is not enough room to support him
  • This formation can become very narrow as if the midfielders play very close to each other.
  • It is not very easy to understand as some of the formations allow central defenders which are expected to be in leading role.

2-2-2: 7v7 Formations

These 7 v 7 soccer formations tactics position consists of two defenders, two midfielders as well as a striker. This is one of the most logical formation as it allows people to have the perfect balance as in practice it can be adapted quickly.

Skills that are required:

Those players who are very flexible and have plenty of movement along with those who are also comfortable with the ball.


  • The team should be well balanced with support from all sides.
  • It is being evident that it is highly suitable for young players.
  • There can be numerous partnerships from all the sides and pitches.


  • This formation is very narrow and the team can be outflanked easily.
  • There can be clear lack of passing and there can possible turnovers.
  • Both the midfielders as well as the strikers can create wide space for passing angles. This can also lead to gaps in the central areas.

1-1-3-1: Soccer 7v7 Formations

This soccer 7 v 7 formations position consists of one defender, an offensive midfielder, and an attacker.

Skills that are required:

This type of strategy is very offensive and it is heavily adopted in all the soccer teams. Such formations are both dependent on the defender as well as the midfielder. Both the midfielder

should be of highest quality and they must be really prepared to put the ball back on track.


  • Those teams who have an attacking line and can score easily.
  • Those midfielders who are dynamic and who can cover the ground.
  • These formations need to very flexible.
  • The defensive midfielders should support the defenders and they should have other three midfielders who can concentrate their energies towards the pitch.


  • The combination of the midfielders along with the defenders should be very explosive. They should track everything
  • The team can get outnumbered in spaces.
  • The three of the more advanced midfielders can get into each other ways.

1-4-1: 7 Vs 7 Soccer Formations

This 7 on 7 soccer positions are one of the most advanced formats that consists of one defender, four midfielders and one striker.

Skills that are required:

There has to be possible agreement between the midfielders as well as the defensive line so that they could support the attack.


  • Balls stays in the middle most of the times.
  • There should be support from both the defense as well as the attack.
  • Midfielders should not run as fast as with the other formations.


  • It can become very crowded as the size of the pitch is reduced.
  • Too many players can get into the way and there could be a possible breach at the attacking line and defensive line.
  • Defenders can be outnumbered.

4-1-1: 7 V 7 Soccer Formations

This 7 on 7 soccer strategy consists of 4 defenders a midfielder and a striker. It is most defensive

Skills that are required:

An attacking player should work as a wing-back. There could be a lot of shuffling and with down the flanks.

It requires a lot of fitness and a lot of work.


  • It has defensive stability. It is very difficult to score.
  • It is very flexible. The two full backs play as a wing back as well they move forward.
  • The defense is very strong.


  • The defensive line is very hard to create and take.
  • The midfielder and the striker need to be very fit. They will cover a lot of the ground.
  • Pressure can build up if the wings do not get forward.

2-1-3: 7 on 7 soccer formations

This 7 vs 7 soccer tactics consists of two defenders, three strikers and one midfielder.

Skills that are required:

It requires a lot of stability and flexibility. They must be also willing to drop back if they are out of possession.


  • This can produce a lot of goals.
  • If the strikers are ready to drop back. This formation is flexible and they can become 2-2-2 or 2-3-1 if they are out of possession.
  • The width is provided on both of the flanks.


  • The midfielder and the defense can be over run.
  • Three strikers can get into each other way.
  • The midfielders have a lot of work to do on the pitch.

Final Thought:

It all depends on you what formation you are looking forward to work on. This can create the necessary pressure on the other team who is trying to save the ball.

what we have learned yet?

We have learned about the 10 best soccer formation for 7v7. In which we have discusses different positions (3-3, 2-3-1, 2-1-2-2, 2-3-2, 3-2-3, 2-1-2-1, 3-1-2, 3-1-1-1, 3-2-1, 2-2-2, 1-1-3-1, 1-4-1, 4-1-1, 2-1-3), defensive strategy and the tactics with diagram to coach the youth player. Without any doubt it helps you in u10, u8, u9 and u12 football training. It help you in both indoor and field soccer matches.

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