why do soccer fans wear scarves

Learn about the history, popularity and wearing methods, sizes, types and culture of soccer scarves in different countries.

If you witness a professional soccer match in a stadium, or just watch it on TV, you will see most soccer team fans wear scarves around their necks. Why do soccer fans wear scarves?

In soccer matches, scarves are an indispensable part of soccer fans’ equipment, and often become a promotional tool for professional players, inauguration ceremonies and trophy celebrations.

The Origin of Soccer Scarves

Soccer has a long history but, in the early 20th century, when people went to the stadium to watch games, they usually wore a lot of clothes, such as hats, dark coats and jerseys. In England, the soccer league is going on all year round and there is no care in winter, so fans have to wear warm clothes, especially coats and hats to cope with the severe cold. Some of these fans came up with a new idea to use scarves. Soon after, fans came to the soccer stadium wearing scarves representing the club’s design and colors. Therefore, the soccer scarf was born and became popular.

The initial design of the scarf was very simple, it was just knitted by grandma, mother and aunt at home, with club and main color stripes. Over time, technology allowed for more complex designs such as badges or logos. Fans began to see the scarf as their support symbol and advantage everywhere, and soon they formed a tradition of raising scarf high while singing the national anthem or slogan to support their favorite team. Soon this trend liked and followed by many soccer enthusiasts and wearing scarves appeared throughout Europe in a short period of time.

Commemorative Scarves

Recently, a new kind of scarf has appeared, and it is the half scarf for hardcore audiences. Street merchants realize that important competitions attract a lot of foreign audiences or original creators who just want to witness the big game day; some of them are interested in proving that they are there, just like you buy honor shirts for a concert or take photos on social media. Although the scarf is very popular, it is indeed an important occasion, and the niches around the soccer field have begun to appear in half-and-half designs.

It is definitely a good thing to commemorate that day or show it to your musketeer at home and say “I am there.” Despite this, not everyone is passionate about half-scarves, and real audiences are afraid to see their club badges or colors participate in the space along with competitors’ logos. Some businessmen are indeed disrespected for handling these scarves, and compared with ordinary soccer team scarves, the transaction volume is not high, but this is a requirement and they will not miss that opportunity.

The scarves of honor cover not only major competitions, but also crowns or important dates (such as the retirement of a club idol). But, the ideas and possibilities are endless.

Why Are Scarves Popular in Soccer? 

If we consider the popularity of soccer scarves, it contains elements of moral improvement. You may have noticed that when the soccer team walked out, the hardcore fans raising their scarves and saluting to their team players. Fans wear special scarves that represent the colors of the team to improve player morale. When many enthusiastic fans put them on one after another and lifted them up, it was a very cute sight. This demonstrates the support and fellowship of the club, and it is good to keep you warm with energetic motivation during the cooler months.

Why Do Soccer Fans Have Scarves?

If you have watched an episode of Peaky Blinders before, you would have guessed what kind of clothing a lot of people wore in the early days of soccer: black jackets, ties, pocket watches and hats. British working-class clothing, at least for men, is what we now consider to be very formal clothing.

In the early 1900s, buying team jerseys was not a real thing, because soccer clubs were not really commercial enterprises, but a way for the working class to enjoy sports and forget about the blue-collar life. Without jersey sales and black jacket clothing, there must be a way to show support for your club while staying warm. Therefore, team scarves were born, and they were quickly threaded and stitched into team colors.

The classic scarf was stitched with stripes in the club’s two main colors, which eventually evolved to add the club’s emblem and other things related to the club’s history.

For clubs like the Celtics and Liverpool, the scarf is a very important part of the club’s tradition, especially at the end of popular science and when players strike.

Soccer Scarf Etiquette

Soccer fans wear scarves in different ways to represent the colors of their teams. Some popular scarf etiquettes are described below.

1. The Accessible Way

While attending a stadium game or watching a game on TV, you may have noticed that your other admirers have come to the conclusion that instead of wearing scarves all the time, stand up and lift them in the air above their heads. Wearing a soccer scarf in an approachable way allows you to circle your scarf easily and quickly and celebrate every time your beloved team completes a championship title or wins a game.

There are four simple steps to wearing a scarf in an accessible way.

  • To drape, pick up your scarf and place it behind your neck.
  • Adjust to make sure that the ends of the scarf hang unevenly on each of your shoulders, and your row mark is obvious on your coffin.
  • Lift the edge of the scarf, circle the scarf, pull it tight and hold it high above your head so that everyone can easily read the name of your favorite side.
  • Repeat, put it back to the hanging position around the neck, and celebrate with the crowd again.

2. The Quick Flip

Fans are flipping this versatile style! Quick Flip can be used with or without a jacket. The best part of this look is that the neck ring can be adjusted quickly-high and tight for warmth or loose and relaxed comfort.

You can show this quick and easy classic look in the following ways:

  • Drape, wrap the scarf around the back of the neck, and hang the two ends approximately on the coffin.
  • Stretch, pull one side down to make it slightly longer than the other side.
  • Turn it over and turn the longer side of the scarf to the opposite shoulder so that the end hangs on the back.
  • Representative, wear a jacket? Pull the shorter tail of the scarf to the front of your wool so that others can see the team you support!

During freezing rains, cover your face by pulling up the collar to cover your mouth and nose. On warm days, by widening the collar, the drape on the top of the coffin is made looser, thereby creating a looser fit.

3. The Traditional Wrap

As a true supporter, you refuse to allow cold temperatures or rain to hinder your attendance, even if it is cruel. Fortunately, a dual-purpose soccer scarf can be used as an extra defensive box and wearable sarcophagus, so cold rain can be avoided. Such type of knitted and woven scarves allow you to show off the colors of your soccer team while keeping warm and convenient!

  After these stages, pack with traditional wrap and show your team spirit: –

  • Trim, wrap the scarf around the back of your neck and hold both ends separately.
  • Wrapping, pick up the tail of the scarf with your right hand and wrap it around your neck so that it passes over the left shoulder.
  • Cross, repeat this action on the opposite side, holding the tail of the scarf in your left hand, and cross it over your right shoulder.
  • Winding, continue to wrap the scarf unevenly around the neck until the ends are too short to be wrapped again. Tuck the end under the mass.

4. The Classic European Knot

Even the breezy weather conditions of an outdoor soccer game may not affect you. Classic European knot, your scarf will not be blown off by sudden wind. This appearance can also help control the face that eventually flies to you or your other supporters.

There are four simple ways to protect your soccer scarf in high-speed winds.

  • Fold; Fold the long scarf in half to form a circle at one end.
  • Drape; wrap the folded scarf around the back of the neck, and put one end of the loop on a shoulder.
  • Knot; pull the end of the scarf through the circle to create a knot effect.
  • Adjustment; In order to make your name visible, you can keep the length of the two tails the same or make one side longer than the other.

5. Loop-the-Loop

Thinking of representing your sports equipment in a more fashionable way? The streamlined Loop-the-Loop scarf is perfect for pairing with a suit jacket and jeans. Wear their colorful scarves to show your enthusiasm for your favorite team in the stadium, in the restaurant after the game, or even at work on leisure sports days.

To make this continuously looping movement look like a smooth movement, it is divided into three parts:

  • Loop: Put one-third of the scarf on the left side of the upper body and display the badge, and then start to wrap the rest around the back of the neck.
  • Make a circle again: circle the front of the esophagus, and then circle the back of the neck.
  • Flush at both ends: Place the scarf’s tail horizontally opposite to your right side, and align both ends so that others can view the team badge.

You don’t really need to wear a scarf to announce. As the ultimate supporter, you know your soccer team will win, so why not start celebrating before the game actually starts? This non-real way of dressing is also very suitable for warm months that are a little bit lukewarm. For swinging it is also easy, just pick up the end of the scarf and hold it high and relax your arms as needed.

Soccer Scarf Name

In some parts of the world the soccer scarves are known as friendship scarves while others designate to them as half-and-half. Merchants have recently taken to marketing them as match-day scarves, while in Spain they are categorized, more lyrically; “bufandas con los dos escudos”, or scarves with double shields.

Soccer Scarf Dimensions and Patterns

Jacquard scarf

The Jacquard scarf is knitted through the special method where the knitting stitches can be individually controlled. This type of method making a very comprehensive knitting pattern that is delightful.

Bar scarf

Strip scarves have a customized pattern-strips, which are limited to these strips along or through the scarf. The technique of embroidering scarves at both ends can fully display the artwork, but the design that can be displayed in this way is slightly smaller. So, if you want a scarf design that runs through the entire scarf, embroidery is not suitable.

Embroidered strip scarves are often called “VIP scarves,” and even when compared to “traditional” Jacquard scarves, they don’t necessarily need to be woven in a more special way.

There are many sizes of this type of scarf to choose from, but the general size is about 145×17 cm. Generally, scarf tassels are not included when taking the length.

Kids Scarf

In pattern and design children’s scarves are almost similar but smaller than adult scarves, measuring approximately 110 x 13 cm. There is also a small scarf about 55 x 10 cm in size for car owners to express their loyalty to the club on the road.

Cheap Soccer Scarves

Before the widespread spread of industrial and online businesses, soccer scarves were very expensive. Most soccer fans cannot buy these brand scarves. Commercial competition and large inventories in the world help to reduce prices. Online business and fast delivery play a vital role in reducing sales prices. Therefore, compared with earlier high-priced scarves, you can easily choose your favorite scarf online at a very affordable price.

USA Soccer Scarf

With the continuous development of American soccer, it is not surprising that scarves have entered the United States in the past. There are quite a lot of spectators who inherited the traditional scarf of Europe to watch the games of the US national team and club. MLS promoted this scarf as part of the annual Super Draft, and their new club scarf is just like the NBA draft hat.

The warm rain did not discourage the fans. They want to bring the scarf to the soccer field to represent their sense of belonging and love for the club and the team. Not only do they look cool, but they are also cheaper than team jerseys and have equivalent or advanced meanings.

Soccer Scarf Display Ideas

Every soccer scarf collector needs to remember two important things-how to match the scarf and the best strategy to show off the scarf. We all know that the team’s customized scarf must be worn on match day, so after match day, what is the best way to keep your accessories away from the stadium?

Take care of your scarf collection to prevent them from getting dusty in the closet. Store your soccer scarf in a safe place around the house until the next game, tournament or fundraising ceremony. You can display soccer scarves as home decoration during the off-season. They will look great in your playroom, garage and office, even in the man’s cave or her shed. Improve your storage skills and use creativity to display scarves.

  • If you want your scarf to look beautiful, you can put your scarf directly on the wall for everyone to see. You can display your favorites or cover the walls with your complete collection. Always arrange scarves by color or pattern to make your display more attractive.
  • If you want your collection to be free of dust, wrinkles and problems every time, then display them in the frame. Glass frames can keep your collection safe and make them look great. Use different folding designs to give diversity, keep one, two or even three scarves per frame according to the size, and hang the scarf frame horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • Folding on a pole is the easiest way to store a scarf is to use a towel rack or curtain rod. This presentation technique looks smooth and stable, and it can leave a deep impression in any room. When the day of the game comes, you can take off your favorite scarf in just a few seconds.
  • Decorative ladders have become a fashionable way to store scarves on rest days. Just put the ladder against the wall and hang one or two scarves on each step.
  • You can wrap your scarf in the exercise room, garage or men’s hive chair to easily display the scarf. Putting a scarf in a glass cabinet is another attractive way to keep the scarf safe and visible.

Many glass coffee tables also have a display area where you can place your collection. When your friends come to watch a big game with you, it will bring you a moment of pride.

So, this was all about that “Why do soccer fans wear scarves?”

Let me know what is your favorite soccer scarf and why?

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