why do they wet soccer fields with water at halftime of game [magic spray]

Know why do they wet soccer fields (grass, artificial turf and pitch) with water at halftime and what is the magic spray in football games.

Why Do They Wet Soccer Fields


We will teach you today how you can make your……….. SOCCER FIELD WET!

In today’s post we will teach you exactly how you can have a water soccer field.

Johnny was an awesome soccer player but from time to time he didn’t like to play in a dry field he used to wonder how he can get the most awesome wet turf. He contacted Albert who was a local care-taker of a soccer field.

If he doesn’t do it right then possibly making his field wet more than required can result in.

  • Bruises
  • Concussions
  • Serious Head
  • Bodily Injuries.

So don’t be like Johnny just read below what we are going to teach you today.

Soccer is being liked by 4.5 billion people all around the world. The technical staff is there to take care of the pitch as well as the people who are working there on the soccer fields grass Perhaps people working in these fields try to use automated sprinklers so that they can make the wet field and can help to build the required momentum.

In today’s world a dynamic environment is made by soccer so that it can be labeled as a safe sport. The sports have become very competitive over the years. Players usually like their surface to be watered so that they can keep playing on the surface.

If the surface is wet then it allows a very fast ball movement and hence water also helps to settle the sand and the rubber particles.

Today’s we will discuss how can you make a soccer wet so that it can help you to do what you always dream of doing.

Why Do They Wet Soccer Field ( Grass, Artificial Turf & Pitch)

As we all know wetting the soccer field has become a common practice in the soccer field but the ground should not be too wet. The scenario can make people slip easily. This can also make their boots stiff and stuck in the turf. The right balance can ensure that the ball moves freely and the safety of the other players can be ensured.

In today’s world the surface of the field is made up of hybrid grass as well as synthetic fibers. The grass is natural and also it is artificial. This also explains the nature of the playing field.

Sand is heavily used for the construction of such field. Engineers are hired to do so that they can maintain the strength of the fields.

The moist sand of the soccer field is quite firm than that of the dry sand. When you water the field the playing area usually becomes moist

It helps the ball to glide whenever a player makes the first shoot.

The speed as well as the tempo of the modern soccer ball is highly favored by the wet surface and the speed of the ball is favored by the surface that is wet.

Before the play starts the ground managers usually check the right condition of the soccer field and they make sure it has the right ratio of the evaporation as well as the transpiration rates which is also called as the (ET). When there is certain coolness and the weather is all calm the soccer surface is less likely to be watered.

Many professionals like to take considerate amount of time when the players are warming up so that they can dictate the right amount of time required to keep the playing surface irrigated.

Why Do They Water the Soccer Field at Halftime?

Many soccer players believe that is the matter of believe that your own professional preferences make you do such action that are not bound by any logic. The ground prep representatives like to have the surface prepared so that the players can play on it. They like to keep the game resumed so that they can perform the required action during the other half of the game

Do you know there has to be a consensus between the head coaches and players? The groundskeeper is instructed to water the surface. Many people argue that a good team has to adapt to the right kind of dynamics of the game. It should not make the other players injured.

Most players label this a change in the tactical approach.

Both the mangers of the team are consulted before they are told how much water should be put in the field.

Meanwhile it should be noted that a team is finding difficult to play against a very high tempo team. The pitch becomes very dry and will slow the momentum over time. A dry pitch can also cause the dust to spread all over the field. It can also get into your eyes and it can also make very difficult for you to continue your play over time.

How Much Water Does a Soccer Field Need?

If you are running on the field, it can eliminate all the water and it can cause evaporation to happen faster and quicker than anything else. If the moisture is not eliminated then the intensity of the ball can be reduced. We always question how much water does the fields need in order to grow but it is highly subjective to the number of yards the soccer field is and how much water does the field can absorb.

You should keep this thing in mind that a soccer field should be irrigated 48 hours before the match starts. You should have the right balance that can shift the water level all over the year before the match starts.

A groundskeeper can keep the water level to the right amount. We can also see that the invention of the sprinklers has made it very easy for the surface to retain right amount of water. This saves them tones and tones of effort to water the fields through the watering can. If you want the natural grass to grow then you can find the right balance of water.

We should keep this in mind that ground keepers usually retain the level of the water in the ground. Groundkeepers should keep the right level of water in the ground. They probably take upto around 10,000 liters of water.

How Often Does a Soccer Field Need to Be Watered?

The times at which the field needs to be watered can be defined by the width of the field. If you have a field then we will recommend you to water it one to three times per week.

When you water the field then the hybrid grass starts to grow onto the surface of the field as the players are constantly walking on the surface. Some managers also require their groundskeepers to irrigate the field so that they can practice the game.

If the match is about to start then the pitch has to be watered to that during the warm up sessions or during the half time break there would be no hinderance.

Many soccer clubs also water the fields for the benefits of the players. They keep the ground save enough so that unnecessary injuries can be avoided. If you have watched soccer on the television as well as internet you can see that the field are being constantly being watered.

There should be in depth research done so that the reason behind it can be found out.

The main reason behind why they do it because a wet surface always offers more thrill an. A surface that is wet makes a slicker pitch and it allows the player to have an exciting game.

Why are field hockey fields wet? We can validate the fact by seeing the Zamboni ice hockey. The surface is midely wet and it offers great traction. It also makes the surface consistent.

You can also observe the fact by observing the professional grounds as well as the parts of the grounds that are slipperier than any other thing in this world.

If you keep on water the field then all the different anomalies can be taken care of before the match that has been caused while playing a match.

This helps to avoid body bruises as well as injuries during the matches.

The best practice is to water a field before 24-28 hours before the match starts. The fields should not be watered for more than couple of hours. The pitch should not be over saturated before the play.

The longer the hours a pitch is used the more it becomes dry.


Now we can easily conclude from why do they wet soccer fields with water at half time because they are heavily bound to have dry spots. These damp spots can cause problems in the long run. A field should be made according to the international standards and all the rough patches should be removed so that it can be used for the matches.

It has to be done quickly during long hours of play. Half time only lasts around minutes. This time is mere an overestimate.


We have learned here why do they wet soccer fields (grass, artificial turf and pitch) with water at halftime and what is the magic spray in football games.

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