why do soccer players tape their wrists and what does wrist tape do

Know why do soccer players tape their wrists, fingers & arm with hand tape. It will be helpful for football as well as basketball & baseball.

Why Do Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists?

What Does Wrist Tape Do?

PROTECT your hands at all costs during soccer! Protect them so that you can hold your beautiful children in the future.

PROTECT them so that you can feed yourself! If not then expect to have a maid with you all the time? Wouldn’t be tragic.

Read today about why do football players tape their wrists and how can you protect your beautiful hands at all cost.

Why Do Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists?

Footballs and soccer players are those individuals that protect their hands at all costs. There are many reasons due to which soccer players wear tapes (soccer tapes) on their wrists and hand.

A lot of soccer, as well as football players, wear tape wrists for stability and this further prevents and mishaps that can destroy their careers. If you tape your wrists then it can prevent a lot of injuries in the long run.

Players usually have athletic tapes on their hands and their wrists so that during skitting they could protect themselves in case of any injury or mishap.

Players with athletic or football wrist tapes can save themselves from a lot of trouble.

This very type of football tape wrist is added to provide extra care to the athletes. The tape that is used for the wrists adds extra care to your wrists. The tap remains tough for many years. It is very flexible to move and it can be moved around at any place.

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Extra Wrist Protection:

Players with extra wrist protection can make them unstoppable because it can take away torn ligaments and body parts. As players often get to their limits while playing soccer. If you are careful then you can protect yourself from potential harm. If you are not cautious then you can cause yourself broken fingers, nails, and much more.

The wrist tape for football usually helps and support a player’s wrists during a sudden contact. Many players have complained that their skin has completely peeled off when they fell off due to the tackle of the other player. If a wrist has a tape, then it can usually support a falling player.

Many other gears can be worn while playing soccer. These gears usually protect players from harsh attacks that may happen from all around. Defenders usually wear tapes that can help them to last longer in the field. Many defenders can be seen with a wrist tape.

A fast-traveling ball can be like a bullet. It can have enormous velocity. It can severely impact your wrists. It causes serious problems to your wrists if you are not careful. The tapes that you might use can help you to lessen the impact of it that is caused by the fast-traveling soccer balls.

There are several benefits of taping wrist for football. It can completely prevent injuries from happing. It can also relieve you from pain as well as any broken joints that might happen during play.

Hiding Jewelry:

A lot of players have been seen to wear football hand tape to cover their bracelets or any piece of ornament that they have worn. If you are playing in a professional game then it is not allowed to wear a loose bracelet. It should be removed immediately. A lot of players might also keep the bracelets on for any reason. Players might also tape over the bracelets so that they can’t be seen.

It is also recommended to tape your wrists so that the referee can’t see you and your piece of jewelry can be protected.

Gareth Bale has been long known to wear strong bracelets on his wrist so that he can be protected from the officials. He would also use tape to cover it up so that officials can’t see it. However, it can also be seen that he is still wearing it.

Referees can also be seen that they are checking players from time to time whether they are wearing bracelets or not. They will make them remove this jewelry. This is not not only for the safety of the players but it is also recommended by the official FIFA team.

If you are wearing wrist jewelry or a small piece of jewelry then it might get caught in other people’s hairs or accessories. This can rip off any cloth that the other player is wearing. You might consider wearing just a small piece of cloth to protect beneath what is beneath the piece of cloth

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Covering the Tattoos:

If a player is wearing a tattoo, then they can also wear tape. Many players have wrist tattoos that they don’t want to show on the national stage so covering them might be the best option

The tape that you might be using would be very small but it can serve the purpose very well. Tape can be used to completely hide what is beneath the entire forearm. However, it can also be seen that many players don’t like to wear tape and many teams have policies against wearing them

Cosmetic Reasons:

A lot of athletes wear tapes because it looks good to wear them. There is no medical or jewelry reason for them wearing it. If a player enjoys doing boxing, then they can be seen wearing it. They are often hiding the fact that they are injured and they don’t want other players to see it.

If a player has a loved one that has recently passed away then they also wear a tap. This can highly be seen in high schools and colleges.

Initials are a very important way to give tribute to your loved ones.

There is a specific mental state which states why players do it. They often do it to keep themselves locked in a certain mental zone.

Wrist tapes with a black permanent marker can be seen in all types of football soccer etc. High schools’ players often do it to give tribute to their loved ones. They remind their loved ones that they still miss them.

This tape can easily be ripped off at the end of the game into the trash or a barrel.

Healing from an injury:

If you are healing from an injury then you can also use tape. The tape that you will use will help you to support your wrist so that they can’t get damage.

Always consult with a medical athletic trainer to keep your wrist in place so that your wrist can be sustained.

You can use wrist tapes to provide stability to your wrists and to keep your hand steady. Those players who have wrists injury should always keep in mind that they can use wrist tapes to provide the required stability to their hands. We can see that players usually don’t have the right technique to keep their hands stable. Due to this, there is a huge chance of injury. For various reasons always consult with a professional.

Are Taping Wrists Obligatory for Goalies?

If you are playing a game then all the goalkeepers can be seen to wear tapes in their hands. They can be seen to be exposed to a large number of shots.

They usually have a lot of stress and pressure on their different body parts. Tape usually gives extra support to these players. When they make a dive and they fall on the ground they can be seen to go through a lot of pressure.

The kind of pressure and painful situations that these goalies go through are enormous. Tapes can be seen to help reduce the possibility of the injury. Every shot that the other player makes at the goalie the ball is stopped due to the immense pressure of the other players.

Hugo Lloris is known to have an immense number of injuries. He also had severe ankle injuries. These tapes can be removed immediately.

These 3 Major Soccer Players are Known for Taping Their Wrists

Luis Suarez is known to wear tapes during football matches. He plays for the Uruguay national team. He plays for the clubs like Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Ajax. He has been seen to have tape on this right arm for many years now. He celebrates this by doing this when he scores a goal.

While he was playing for Liverpool he injured a bone in his hand. He does not take the tape off while playing

Many players take this as a symbolic gesture. Suarez always states that he wears it. His team is known to wear it. He always kisses his tape that has the name of his children and wife. It has become a part of the ritual. He thinks that wearing tape brings good luck to him.

Gareth Bale is one of the most expensive players out there. He is always known to wear tape around his ankles.

It is one of his trademarks. League officials don’t wear a bracelet. It can harm other players in the game if he doesn’t do it.

Brazilian Neymar is also known to wear tape around his wrists. He had severe injuries due to his he had an orthopedic tool on his body. That makes him recover fully. He wears it for additional security and comfort.

Similarly, other sports in which tape is worn are Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball as well as Football.


Now we can easily conclude from this that why do soccer players tape their wrists. Players that usually wear tapes include soccer players as well as football players. These players wear the tapes strategically and usually, these tapes also have a symbolic meaning. Either it’s for the wrist protection. Protecting tattoos or hiding a possible injury.

Some players also do it to hide jewelry.

Having a piece of tape is very common and it is done for the reason of the protection of various injuries.

Many players also wear mouth guards and Cups. special eyeglasses and other protective equipment. Other reasons include that taping your wrists usually looks cool and everyone should do it because why not?


We have learned why do soccer players tape their wrists, fingers and arm with hand tape. Furthermore we have learned about benefit of wearing wrist tape as a football ,basketball and as a baseball player.

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