Know, Do Soccer Players Wear Mouth Guards (mouthpiece or gumshield) for teeth & braces protection in sports. Choose best for kids and goalie (defender) and the sports like basketball, Youth soccer, hockey and tennis.

Why do football players wear soccer mouth guard or mouthpiece?

Do you want to smile with a full set of teeth?

Do you want to avoid being a toothless athlete that still wants to date?


What will be happen if soccer ball direct hit to your mouth and how will you minimize its impact?

By reading our article today you can avoid all that by just doing what we are saying here. But if you lost it then you will not be able to find out that whether mouth guards is mandatory to wear or not.

Do Soccer Players Wear Mouth Guards & Mouthpiece

Soccer is one of the most popular sports out there. It has been played over with 265 million participants from all over the world. According to the stats of 2007. It looks like a game with great contacts like that of football or rugby. It is a game with high physical interaction that involves close-quarter interaction with other players.

Dental injuries can happen all around the clock whether you are careful or not. This makes the 30% of the total injuries that happen in a soccer game. Soccer mouth guards are not required but they are the most important piece that a person can wear because they can protect your beautiful piece of white pearls that you have in your mouth.

Its not essential but good for protection if you want to have your teeth for a long time.

The purpose of a mouth guard is to protect your teeth and your gums. They can prevent concussions. They can also give you superpowers. During close encounters, players can receive flying elbows as well as flying kicks that can damage your face, teeth as well as your chin.

A soccer mouth guard can help you or give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. We have seen that there could be possible breaks, chips as well as cuts to your lips.

If you are aggressive then it can also protect the other players by wearing a mouth guard it can protect you from potential harm.

If you got knocked badly it can be quite expensive as well as painful. You can also go to the dentist to get your teeth fixed so that your teeth can re-inserted. All dental injuries can be easily fixed. In some cases sometimes all the dental injuries with oral surgery. If you ever incur a situation where your jaw has to be shut then it can fix your jaw.

If you ever wear a soccer mouth guard then it can remove the risk of having a mouth as well as dental injuries.

A dental injury can cost you up to around 4000 dollars. Most of the mouth guards manufacturers usually give a warranty of around 35,000$ to cover all the pocket expenses. You will also get additional security as well as a dental warranty.

Best Mouthguard For Sports

When a mouth guard is implemented then it came to a lot of resistance from players all around the world. Athletes must to wear these mouth guards. These are extremely bulky and it can make a person extremely uncomfortable if players tend to wear them for a long period.

You can’t even talk properly if you wear them.

Many types of mouth guards vary not only in price but also in protection, comfort but not all types of mouth guards are created equally.

According to the experts, a mouthpiece should have the following characteristic.

It should be:

  • Resilient
  • Comfortable
  • Tear Resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits properly
  • Should not restrict speech
  • Should not restrict breathing.

Soccer is a game of communication. You can’t communicate if you wear a mouthpiece. You can’t play properly if you use a mouthpiece.

Players That Require The Most Gears (Mouth Guards Soccer) For Protection:

There are many soccer players and positions that require mouth gears. These mouth gears should be of the highest quality so that you can play soccer properly.

If you are going to be hit with a soccer ball then you should keep in mind that your protection should be the first priority of all the people who are playing all around you.

Strikers are very aggressive and they require a lot of physical aggression against their opponents. When they are running to snatch the ball from their opponents.

All the players who are playing on a soccer field are on the verge of being hit by a soccer ball. There would be possible reasons where other players can come to get the ball directly. So, you should have the highest quality of mouth guard that a person can have.

Mouth Guards for Soccer Players: Famous Soccer Players, Who Wear It

Mouthguards for Football Players:

Cristiano Ronaldo has made waves all around the world just because he started wearing a mouth guard. In fact, he also partnered with a brand that was making those mouth guards so that maximum protection could be provided to the players.

The real goal of the partnership is to develop a mouthguard that can work wonders. This also provides the necessary performance for the people. New technologies are being created to help players breathe and play soccer more effectively.

I think it is a good idea to wear it!

Lionel Messi didn’t wear it, but if he started wearing one, I would be very surprised because he is also very aggressive, and for many reasons, he has unparalleled skills.

Soccer Mouthguards For Braces: Do Soccer Players Wear Mouth Guards For That?

A lot of people might think that these braces can cause real harm to your gum if you are not considerate about what you are wearing. A mouth guard can cause friction with braces because both of these two can come in serious contact with each other and cause pain in the longer run.

You don’t want to eliminate the need to wear braces. Because if you wear braces for a longer period of time then it can use you injury for an extended period of time.

There are many types of braces that are available in the market. A mouth guard has to be worn by players so that they can be prevented from any injury. A mouth guard can help you to secure your teeth and mouth both from serious damage.

These mouth guards are made in such a way that they take place the necessary space all around your mouth. It can also cause to prevent any injury that might happen to you while playing soccer. So a mouthpiece is necessary to prevent your mouth form any unwanted injury.

In short, a mouth guard is very important.

Is Wearing Mouth Guards compulsory for kids?

Yes, It is very compulsory for kids to wear a mouthpiece. As kids are developing there should be necessary protection that should be in place to protect their gum line. This can prevent them to avoid having any injury or surgery for the longer run.

Those people who are going to have a second set of teeth are more prone to have an incident so it is advisable to have mouth guards.

Having a mouthpiece becomes very important because you want to prevent having your kids with a missing tooth that can make them a center of attention in their schools.

Pro Tip:

It is recommended that you always carry as much safety equipment as possible with you to prevent any harm to your child. Furthermore I recommend to must wear the mouth guard if the kids are playing pickup soccer. Because these sport contain players of different age group.

How Do You Clean Your Mouthguard?

A lot of bacteria, fungi, and mold can grow on the mouth guard. So, these mouth guards should be cleaned thoroughly before keeping them in place. Otherwise, these mouth guards can start to stink and can cause real harm to your teeth.

The best and the most recommended way to clean a mouth guard is to use a toothbrush and a toothpaste that can be used extensively for scrubbing.

You should also store your mouthpiece where there is plenty of ventilation and there are several holes so that bacteria can be prevented.

Always keep in mind that the mouth guard should be cleaned regularly. It should be soaked in the antimicrobial solution for the best and ideal results.

This very accessory can wear down with time. When there would be pits and cracks in the guard then you should replace it immediately. It should last at least a full season. A higher-quality guard should be used often.

Sports That Require Mouthguards

There are many sports in which you should wear a mouth guard some of them are like hockey, basketball and baseball, soccer, boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Martial Arts, MMA and many more. In these sports, there can be a high number of injuries if necessary precautions are not taken.

Tennis is another sport in which players often tend to wear a mouth guard. You can be hit with a ball severely. This can cause you to lose your tooth more extensively.

Any sport can cause injury but wearing a mouthpiece can prevent an injury in the longer run.


It is strongly recommended that you wear a mouth guard during soccer matches or other sports that require oral protection to ensure safety. If you are paying a role at the hardest position in soccer then definitely must wear it without excuse. Because here are most chances of getting hit by the soccer ball.

If you are concerned about wearing mouthpieces that affect your ability to breathe then you should wear high-quality mouthpieces that can do the required work.

Mouthpieces are a very beneficial protective elements for your oral safety. They act as custom cushions that can soften under any impact, and in the long run, they can prevent any harm.

There are many kinds of mouthguards. They immediately turn soft when they are bitten.

Best Mouthguard for Soccer


Why do basketball players wear mouthguards?

The basketball players (NBA players) wear mouth guard and gum shield to protect their oral cavity. This is because the direct hit of the ball to the oral cavity give hard pain and it can damage the teeth so severe that you can’t imagine. On the other hand mouth guard reduce impact of hitting on to gums, oral cavity, mouth and teeth.

Do hockey players wear mouthguards?

Any game where there is a danger of oral cavity injury wear mouth guard. So hockey comes among these sport where there is a danger of teeth and gum injury. Although National Hockey League (NHL) didn’t make it mandatory it but 90% of the all player wear the mouth guard.

Do pro soccer players wear mouth guards?

If we talk about the wearing of the mouth guard then it is up to the soccer player desire. It is totally up to the players either they wear mouth guard or not. Although American Dental Association has suggest the player to wear that to make their oral cavity, gums and teeth safe from the ball.

Moreover it has been seen that professional soccer players are wearing these new version of mouth guard for testing purpose and in order to increase their performance.

What we have learned so far?

We have learned do soccer players wear mouth guards (mouthpiece or gumshield) for teeth & braces protection in sports. After that we have discussed how to choose the best mouth guard for goalie (defender), kids and the sports like basketball, Youth soccer, hockey and tennis.

I hope you like this article and will hope it will be helpful in your safety.

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