do soccer players wear cups?

Do soccer players wear cups? Any protection while playing soccer is worthwhile because it can protect you from any heinous injury or any mishap that can be detrimental to your soccer career. For this purpose, players all around the world use special kind of gears to protect themselves from a career-ending injury.

Know, do soccer players wear cups (protective), goalie jockstrap & helmet in professional NFL, high school, youth football & college for balls’ protection. Here we will also discuss about best protective equipment and their sizes for the boy, 5 year old kids, girls and female; That play lacrosse, baseball, softball, basketball and soccer ball.

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Do Soccer Players Wear Cups

Players go to any extent to protect themselves from any wear and tear that is caused by playing in a sports arena. They wear cups on their reproductive parts so that they can be protected accordingly. They are made up of hard plastic, but a soft, malleable variety of plastic can also be used in this regard.

Do Professional Soccer Players Wear Cups

On the other hand, professional soccer players don’t typically wear cups. This is their personal choice because it often tends to put them in a situation where they can end up injured. If the other player comes in contact with the other player’s groin area or part between the legs, it can cause serious harm to the private part of the player.

Do NFL Players Wear Cups

Many players do not use protection. The reason is they want to play in freedom. Freedom of movement is necessary if you want to win the game and want to dribble the ball.

Soccer is all about pace and vigor with consistency. You always need to change your technique when you are tackling players from all over the world.

So having an extra piece of plastic in your shorts can slow you down in no time. A soccer ball is always kicked at a pace of 50 Mph. It can leave the players in severe pain. If the boot hits the private parts, then it can cause serious pain in the long run for the players.

Do High School Football Players Wear Cups

Let’s talk about the high school soccer player, is they prefer cups. We have did research a lot about this and we have come to this point that high school football teams mostly prefer  form-fitting compression shorts rather than of the cups. Because these are more comfortable during playing. On the other hand, these cups cause difficulty in running smoothly.

Do College Football Players Wear Cups

Mostly college soccer player prefer to wear the cups. But these cups are not like that of the baseball cups which are too hard to wear and cause difficulty in the running. College football player mostly prefer to wear the jockstraps which are very soft and highly comfortable. Because in football it not such easy for a ball to hit you on the dick.

Do Girls Wear Cups (Female Athletic Cup)

On the other hand, the young players tend to wear cups. However, female young players protect their most sensitive parts by wearing protection. Those players who are still young can really get injured because of their body is still growing and developing. Injuries can cause a long-lasting effect on their body parts.


Do soccer goalies wear cups

Many parents all around the world often tend to make their children wear protective gear. Hygiene is one of the factors that should be kept in mind while playing soccer. Often the goalie should choose the right kind of cup when they play soccer.

Do Baseball Players Wear Cups

Either you are a soccer player or you are a hockey player who wants to win the most awaited cup for your team wearing protection is a must if you want to protect yourself from long-lasting injury. Baseball players along with hockey players, also tend to use protection in their sensitive areas. Young and amateur players should always keep this in mind while playing soccer.

In baseball, cups are very important. They are hard and can come into play when you are trying to protect yourself from any injury.

You can get seriously injured if you don’t use protection or hard plastic on your private parts.

What Do Soccer Players Wear

Many players also tend to wear Shin gear because it protects them from a severe injury that happens while playing soccer. The knee and the legs are the most important part of the body part. So they should be the first time to be protected—Players have got the worst testicle injury of all time. Your body should be nibble so that you won’t avoid kicking the soccer ball to the wrong place.

Do you wear a cup in soccer (Youth Athletic Cups)

If you want to choose an athletic cup for your young one then it is advised that always use the smallest one to encourage them to buy the right one. A protective cup is a hard cup with a steel sheet that is also in a dense form. It is always advised to wear in a cup, in shorts, or inside a jockstrap to protect the area of the groin. This is the area where the trauma can occur to the most sensitive genitals. Soccer is always known to be a sport where a lot of contact takes place between the players.

The reasons of not wearing the soccer protective cup

Agility and Movement:

In the game of soccer, any player who tends to play soccer must move very quickly and swiftly. They should protect their goal at all costs. Moving quickly and swiftly is the key to success. Any protective cup can cause a real hindrance.

Young players often tend to avoid using cups because it can also slow down their movement. If there is a hindrance in the movement that can affect agility, have a drastic effect on the players. They want more speed and agility, so they often avoid wearing cups. Cups often tend to affect agility cover the protect you with a big blow given by the other players.

Hygiene Requirements:

All the hygiene requirements tend to be kept in mind while wearing the cup. Athletic cups often trap odor and sweat. But: If your cups rub against your skin, they can cause allergy as well as irritation and chafing in the long run. Young players, along with the teens, often should clean their gear at all costs. This also includes cleaning your garments much.

Athletes often tend to have itches all around their bodies. There is a disease called Jock itch. It is one of the most commonly known problems for players and athletes. This fungal infection also causes problems in the long run. Tinea Cruris is one of the biggest problems that athletes these days now face. I

IF you won’t protect your skin, then your skin can break down between your legs. All the players should protect their skin from breakage. They should also tend to clean their skin hereafter the games.

Other Preferences:

There are also many other preferences that should be kept in mind while cleaning. A shin cup could be another thing. Towels, Water bottles, Bags along Shin guards should also be cleaned from time to time. If you ever came across such an incident that you haven’t cleaned your gear then you should really reconsider how you are playing this game.

A cup costs around 12$- 120$. It highly depends on the level of craftsmanship that is being used. Many parents may say it is unnecessary to wear such a cup, but sometimes it becomes necessary to wear such a thing.

How To Wear A Protective Cup Or Athletic Cup (Medical Advice)

Many urologists suggest that these cups should be worn in all circumstances. Anyone can have a serious injury if they receive a blow in the groin area. All the players should protect their private parts with hard plastic. Any person can receive a huge injury if they receive a kick into their groin.

If boys receive a blow to their testicles, then this can rupture their ball sack. This can make them bleed internally. Testicle rupture along with the Torsion can be another injury that can be caused by the kick to the groin.

If you receive a blow to your groin area, then you should immediately apply ice packs for 15 minutes straight. This should be done 4-5 times a day. Many other counter inflammatory, like Tylenol along with Mortin, should be used to reduce the swelling.

Athletic Cup Size

When you are using athletic cups then there should be several things that should be kept in mind. If you think that your player should need a soccer cup then always keep in mind that the right size should be the one that you should choose. Many protective cups come in different sizes and shapes.

Soccer Goalie Equipment List

There are also many other protective gears that should be worn accordingly. These include Much other protective gear.

Goalkeepers Jersey:

Goalkeepers Jersey is one of the protective gears. But Goalie is the only player that can touch the ball. They should always stand out from the rest of the crowd. Many players all around the world tend to choose different types of Jerseys from themselves. A bright color always tends to save you from any problem in the longer run.


As we all know, gloves are another important component. Many youth goalies tend to wear gloves to protect their hands. If you guys can see the goalkeeper is the only player who tends to control the ball from their gloves. These gloves tend to stop a fast-moving ball so that these balls can be thrown back. These gloves are also padded to protect the players from necessary damage.


The shorts worn by the players are usually knee-long. Most soccer players tend to wear 3/4th-length or full-length pants to protect their legs.

A goalkeeper also tends to wear sliding shorts wherever necessary. They can use this for extra padding. This can provide them with extra protection at their hips. Most of these compression garments are worn to provide protection against a mighty blow. Many soccer players tend to wear garments that are made up of patented materials that will keep them cool and keep the moisture away.


A headgear should also be worn wherever necessary. The protective visors block the sun often. The helmet always protects their head from the soccer balls. These headgears are made of foam. The headgear protects the head in case of any deadly blow or concussion.


Pads are also one of the unique ways to protect yourself from any kind of injury. Arm pads, as well as knee pads, will always protect the goalkeeper from any blow. Padding along with protective gears should be worn accordingly. These should be bought separately. But it also highly depends on the fact that whether you want to protect yourself from any movement.


Soccer is not about the private parts of the head. It consists of all the body parts. Players all around the world often use their chest as well as thighs to control the ball. You should always learn how to control the ball wherever necessary.

But this comes from years and years of experience. If you are not using your body parts correctly then you can miss a lot. If you tend to use your body parts, then you will have more control over time.

But always keep in mind that there is no limitation about what you can do with the soccer ball. When you stop lunging, then you often become the real pro, for a matter of fact.

You should be highly aware of how you are choosing to kick the ball. You should be highly quick if you want to have full control over your soccer ball.

We have learned so far that do soccer players wear cups (protective), goalie jockstrap & helmet in professional NFL, high school, youth football and college for balls protection?

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