how to become a professional soccer player at 18

Learn how to become a professional soccer player at 18 without going to college. Know Professional footballer requirements to play in team.

How To Become a Professional Soccer Player At 18?

What are the requirements to be a professional soccer player?

Do you want to become the next Ronaldo?

OR are you one of those people who want to reach the pinnacle of success at such a young age that everyone IMAGE to reach there?

TODAY, we present you the basic habits that will skyrocket your growth in soccer.

How To Become a Professional Soccer Player At 18?

It is said that it’s never too to pursue your dream. We will help you to become the best of yourself’ by giving you the top tips you need for becoming a professional soccer player of all time. Today we are going to give life-changing secrets that will help you to become the greatest goat of all time.

Steps To Become a Professional Soccer Player

Setting goals:

You should set up high goals for yourself. You should work hard. If you want to succeed then you must set up a goal that is larger than your life. This means you would have to work non-stop day and night to make your goals are realistic.

Your family won’t understand you. You will be abandoned from time to time. You will feel low a lot of times in your life but one thing will be sure you won’t lose this battle. You will triumph at the end of the day. If you won’t give up.

You need to train regularly so that you won’t lose in this game. You need to constantly train and improve your skills while maintaining your fitness.

Learn more about soccer:

You should learn more about soccer every day. You should keep in mind that you can learn a lot from media, newspapers, and books and also on the internet. You should also consult news channels and learn advanced as well as basic techniques while playing soccer.

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Dream big:

You should always dream big while you are chasing your goal. This means you don’t need to delay anything. You need to spend a lot of time while beating your craft. You will be misunderstood, A few will understand, many will leave you along the way but this doesn’t mean you should give up.

You should always search for professional training programs that will help you to go next level. You have to become a part of a team that will help you to reach the next level. You should always ask your coach which club you can join so that you can enhance your performance and skill at the same time.

You can first move from a youth team to an academic one then to a university one. Your next destination would be university groups as well as the amateur and semi-professional teams. If you have not played with seniors’ players until then you won’t make it big.

Practice every day with whatever you have:

There is no success that could be achieved with no hard work. To become professional soccer player, you need to put in all your efforts. You need to become the best player out there who can score most goals in a match.

As you have mastered the basic techniques you should move to the new techniques or the techniques that are the advanced ones. These techniques include hitting the head, dribbling, and moving. If you won’t practice hard enough then you should forget about becoming the best soccer and football player.

You should also focus on your fitness. Without proper physical strength. You should have enough energy and vigor to play during the match. You can improve your fitness with the diet you take or do daily jogging and running.

You should know your strength:

  • You should always know about your strength. Your matches should match your ability so that you play better and win better in the matches.
  • If you are going to become a goalkeeper then it should mean that you should catch the ball and you should have a very good reflex as well as a good jumping style.
  • If you want to become a soccer player as a good defender then you should be good with your header pass and the break of the ball. You should also have a good shot so that you can get the ball away from the goal post.
  • If you are playing as a midfielder then you should have a witty sense of play. You should have a good cross with passing along with good coordination. The position of a midfielder brings a sense of confidence to all the players that are playing in a team. Having a mid-fielder would give you excitement in every match that you will play.
  • The final position and the most position that you can play in the position is the position of the striker. This position gives you a lot of things to practice like kicking the ball, Hitting the required head, dribbling the ball of different sizes. You should also need to score as much as goals as possible so that you can help your team to win.

Strong will:

With great will comes great responsibility. Like all the great players out there the life of a professional player is full of ups and downs. There would be many times in your life when you will be put down from the team because there will be other performing members in the team that will take your position. Many players will take your position as a match win. During this team, you should not lose hope and practice as much as hard as you can.

You should have a strong will and should also deal with competitive pressure all the time.

We really do hope these simple habits will help you for becoming a pro soccer player out there.

A lot of people might think that at what age most of the professional players join playing soccer then we can answer your question straight away.

There are a lot of players that joined the team at a very young age. They did make the right choice and as a child. It seems that all the legends started at a very young age and they did start playing soccer when they were toddlers or just started walking.

However, what separated them from the rest of the crowd was that they were very passionate and they didn’t stop. They were rejected by the world’s largest and the best football academies. There were many cases when they were taught everything will collapse but the thin light kept them afloat.

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What Is an Average Age of a Player, When He Is Become a Professional Soccer Player At 18?

The average age of a soccer player is very less. A young soccer player starts at the age of 14 years. Most players that have won the golden balls are usually 15 years old when they started playing for their professional soccer academies. The great players like Pele and Maradona were never chosen to play for academies. But they choose to be the best player out there.

If you are scouted at a young age then it does not mean that you are destined to be a great player. You still have to work very hard in every move and dribble of yours. You have to move at the speed of lightning.

How Many Years Do You Need to Play Professionally to Become the Best?

There is not a specific number for that. A lot of players become the best players out there just by doing some years of practice. While some players spend their whole lives but they can’t become the best players because there is no destined or defined path for them.

Soccer players such as Sir Stanley became professional players at the age of 22 years. While other players such as Beckenbauer only needed 2 years to become the best player out there. Over the years have changed for each player has joined soccer.

On average a player has to dedicate around 9 years of his life to become a professional soccer player in his life so that he can become the top 3 players in the world. He starts quite early in his soccer life. Sir Stanley started at the age of 22 years before he became the best player.

There are many other players that did require much less time to become what they wanted to become. This includes Beckenbauer who only required two years to become the best player out there in the field of soccer. His performance has been quite stable over the years and he has contributed a lot in the growth of his team.

At What Age Do the Players Become Professional, When Start from Age Of 18

As mentioned, the average age at which a player or a professional player becomes a pro is 9 years before he/ she starts winning awards. The age at which a player wins a golden ball is 26.1 years. Sir Stanley Matthews won the golden ball at the age of 41 years. There are many winners at the age of 20 years old.

The difference between the defense, Midfield, Attach, and Goalie?

If you want to compare different players that play at different positions then the graph below can tell you who is the best player out there. This includes people who are goalkeepers, attackers, Midfielders, and defenders. Defenders always start late at a soccer game. Goalies are always chosen first and after that mid-field players. The last people that are chosen are the attackers.

The major difference in the players is their height. The keepers are on average 10 cm taller than midfield players. Similarly, the defenders come later than that the attackers.

If you are looking for the position of the weight of the golden ball winner then it becomes very interesting. The attackers are very taller than that the midfield players. They are also very light than some of the midfield players. Attackers are one of the fastest players in the world.

Golden balls winners have an average age of 27 years. There are some players that are above the age of 30 years old. The attackers are the youngest player out there who are becoming hot cakes in the field of soccer.

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We have Learned how to become a professional soccer player at 18 without going to college. Furthermore we have discussed about the Professional footballer requirements to play in team.

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