how much money does soccer players make yearly and weekly.

Learn how do soccer players get paid and make money. In which we will discuss professionals average yearly, monthly and weekly salaries. Which they make by kicking the soccer balls

How Do Soccer Players Get Paid?

How Much Money Does Soccer Players Make?

There was a very poor boy….

Many said to him you won’t even make IT!

He tried everything but nothing changed for years but one day he started SCORING GOALS like it was piece of cake.

Today the world knows him as Cristiano Ronaldo! The overnight success took him around 20 years! Yes, you are right 20 years.

Today I will reveal that how much do soccer players make. Many people think that the money that the footballers make can’t be justified at all because they earn in thousands of dollars.

They really make a fortune depending upon the fact that they train themselves for years and years.

The huge amount is paid by their clubs. Money making from sponsors is a whole different subject and it made Cristiano Ronaldo a BILLION DOLLAR INFLUENCER! What do you think about that how do soccer players get paid

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How Much Money Does Soccer Players Make (Professional Soccer Players Salary)

Footballers can earn money in hundreds and thousands of dollars and even pounds simply by kicking the ball that they have around a filed.

It is generally a rule of thumb becoming a footballer is a piece of cake. The money paid to the players playing in the Premier Leagues differentiate due to the fact that the importance of a player hugely depends upon the position on which the players. The difference in the wages of top and the bottom players depend upon their position that they have in the soccer filed.

It quite different than what you think of. No matter how much talented a player is if he can’t score a goal then he is not worth it. The way a soccer player makes money nothing has to do with the actual game.

So, the better a soccer player is in striking a ball the more money he can earn. The average yearly wage for the men in UK in 2017 was around 30,000.

It has to be accepted that the kind of amount of money that the footballers make is ridiculous. They have accustomed to live in a certain way. They usually spend heavily on their families. Players often want to make maximum profit. They want to make outrageous contracts.

The most obvious way a soccer player can make money is by playing professionally. As banks as well as organizations have to pay a lot of money to attract the best players out there. These giants usually pay hell lot of money and decent wages to their footballs clubs as well as coaches to get the best out of their team. Such organizations give good money to bring best players.

Footballs are paid over $100,000 for every single week to perform so that they can give the best play out there and there could be right minded players with whom they can play. You should keep this mind that a player has to pay more taxes if he is playing.

The more he earns the more he has to pay in taxes. For starters there are some exceptions but ultimately you have to pay taxes to be the best player out there.

There are many players who have their agents cut out their wagers. Same as the actors as well as entertainers they also have entourages to deal every day in their life.

A soccer player has a very short shelf life as a player. By the age of 35 they are thinking to retire because these players can’t keep up with the fitness levels that is expected from them. They either go for coaching or for the management.

You should keep this in mind that punditry isn’t for everyone and some players are good at everything they do and others players are good at public speaking as well.

We can also see that these players have outrageous wages. An injury to a 25-year-old player can be very fatal but it can literally destroy its career. You might never see him again. You might never see him again in the future. Their wages do not depend on the fact how much time they spend on playing soccer.

They are always playing soccer and they had made commitments to all the brands around the world.

Those soccer players who spend most of their lives playing soccer and finally make it to the national teams are not paid hefty amount of money. On the other hand, those players who play clubs usually make the most amount of money. If these players make the small amount of change in their playing style, then it can affect the overall performance of the team.

This is due to the fact they are the backbone of the team.

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How Much Do Soccer Players Make a Year (Average Pro Soccer Salary)

Wayne Rooney

Soccer players makes plenty of money around many spectrums. Wayne Rooney signed a contract with the Manchester United in the 2014. He was paid an amount of 300,000 per week. It was around 50p per second and around 30 euro per minute. Similarly, it can be seen that these players have a difference in wagers and there are different highest earners.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba was paid around 1650,00 as he signed a contract in 2016.

WEEKLY: £290,000

YEARLY: £15,080,000

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic played for the Red Devils, he was paid a hefty amount of 365,000 per week which made him quite valuable player as he earned around 19 million euro per year.

Lewis Hamilton

However, you should not forget the crazy money that the Lewis Hamilton makes because on the same hand he was paid around 600,000 euro per week and he stand out to be the best F1 champion of all time.

Callum Wilson

If we compare with the Ibrahimovic who earned around 15,000 per week with Callum Wilson while playing in Bournemouth in 2016. According to the recent article of the Daily star he was one of the biggest strikers of all time that the Bournemouth has. He was paid very less around 55,000 per week. Meanwhile Juan Iturbe was earning around from the same club.

We can see that a player that was earning around 365, 000 per week and other players earning 15,000 euro per week really showed that if you want to get paid then you have to make yourself more than just a player but you have to make yourself a brand.

WEEKLY: £46,154

YEARLY: £2,400,000

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How Do Soccer Players Get Paid By Different Means

Have you think about that how do soccer players get paid by other mean. Let’s reveal that. Because in the earlier we have discussed about the amount that they make, not the means


There are a lot of sacrifices that have to made by the top soccer players while they are at their top of their games because of the way they play. These soccer players don’t lead a normal life because they have been always known to keep hyped up and people often look to them when they are cheering their favorite team.

These players can be mobbed easily.

Soccer players always have a scheduled life all their lives. They live in luxury properties and also have compound homes. They live in such a way that their privacy of their lives is not really affected. They have large erected fences that keep them away from regular people. They have properties that have security cameras that are placed at every corner so that there could be no intruders. These players don’t really look for sympathies. These players have to sacrifice a lot to reach to the point where they are today.


Soccer players are always looking for sponsorships. These sponsorships play a major role in their success and the kind of life they live. They can make a lot of money just by wearing the favorite shoes of their favorite teams. These shoes are given by the top teams such as Nike. Brazilian player wears famous studs given by the famous shoe maker which is called as Nike. That’s around 12 million dollars alone from shoes. Similarly, David Beckam was paid by Adidas a hefty amount of money while he was still playing the game.

The life of the soccer players does not end up here, they also have sponsorships in the game. They always wish to be the best. They always drive a particular car or has been seen drinking certain drinks. They are endorsed by such companies in millions of dollars just by using them.

The biggest sports companies out there include teams like Adidas, Puma and Nike. These are the big giants in the sports games and they have pumped a lot of money into these brands and apparels. If a soccer player has a very good profile, then he is immediately endorsed.

From simple acts such as drinking from a specific sports drink and driving a particular car gives them millions of dollars. Ronal’s recently signed a contract with a brand that was giving mouth guards to protect players from the blows of enemy from the other side. The biggest teams include Puma, Adidas and Nike. These teams usually have big sponsorships. It’s really a matter of time that brands with make lifetime contracts with the players.


All the big and famous players usually have autobiographies. These autobiographies help them to tell their stories. It’s a tale worth telling. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Steven Gerrard also has Auto biographies. This is due to the fact that it makes them so valuable. Their struggle becomes a hope for all the players. They spend their whole lives to become the best player. They always try to stay ahead of time by being a top player.

There have been many books that has been written for such players. These games include ”A life in Football” and Joey Barton’s ”No Nonsense”. These biographies are the best-selling books out there and David Beckhams book ”my side” became the best seller out there. It was sold like hot cakes.


There are a lot of investments that are done by these players. These investments are made by Robbie Fowler who is also called a property Mogul. The Manchester City’s supporters used to sing that ”We live in a Robbie Fowler house” He bought alot of properties in the same area.

He earned a lot of wages and heavily invested in the property business. His property empire was valued around 31 million dollars. This is not a pretty bad investment from such a great player. He was also called God.

Not all the great players will become the great investors. Not all of them will invest in properties. Many of them ended up losing money. They turned out to be great financial officials and they invested their live long earnings into such projects. Those players who will have the most money will become the most successful soccer investors. They get the most benefit. It is also noted that these players are on the most important positions when they are playing.

Coaching & Management:

Management and coaching are another profession that soccer players take. These players usually have millions of dollars of partnerships done with the management and the team. There are many top players and managers in the team of footballs. These top players include the Rafa benitez to the Fabio Capello.

These managers earn a hefty amount of money. Pep Guardiola signed a contract of 15 million euros a year. It was signed with the managers back in 2016 and Zinedine Zidane agreed to paid around 8 million per year as the Real Madrid managers.

No everyone can be a coach. It takes a lot of guts to be the best player out there, as these players interact with all the players in the world.

Whether these players play for clubs or their national teams they have always known to be heroes. These players are given respect on all forums. These players run the management as well as they do coach.

Either a player goes for the coaching or go for the management it entirely depends upon him. What he does with himself. But not all players are good coaches. They always bounce from one club to other. Their demand soars up in no time due to their gameplay. These players are in high demand due to their gameplay. Whether you are a play of high intellect or a player with awesome play you will be always known to the one who will score the most goals in the history of the soccer.


We have Learned how do soccer players get paid and make money. In which we have discussed the professionals average year, monthly and weekly salaries.

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