In this article you will learn about the beneficial results of ball control for a soccer team and diverse approaches used by soccer players to keep the control of ball. You will also know about different touches and ball drill.

What Is a Ball Control in Soccer?

The offensive strategy of a team or a player to keep possession of the ball for much time to take advantage against opponents is called ball control in soccer. Ball control is a most effective and important soccer skill. Without controlling the ball, a team can’t do anything during the game.

How the Ball Control Is Beneficial For A Team?

Players bring great success through ball control for their teams and also entertain the spectators. Any team or player needs constant practice; learn different touches and drills to take ball control during the game. One of the purposes of controlling the ball is to gain psychological advantage over the opponents.

The end product is going to be once you have controlled the ball i.e. to set up a shot, to move into space out from a guard, to keep possession, to pass the ball to a teammate. In soccer game a team with good ball control ultimately succeeds. A player with good ball control is viewed with respect by his team officials and fans as well.

What Is a Touch in Soccer?

Touching is a specific type of action and tactic of hitting the ball at various angles. If a player has a good practice of the ball movement and passes the ball in this way with certainty, then his ball control ability is very good. In addition, if the players of the entire team have such developed control, then their chances of winning and the entertainment of the audience are successfully attributed to them. important and most effective soccer touches.

Types of Soccer Touches

Football is a sport that is not limited to balls and grass, but if you want to be a successful football player, you should learn and practice many things. Similarly, football has many ways of touching the ball, but now I will discuss some of the ways of touching the ball that are important for you to control the ball.

Lace Touch

You may use the lace touch to dribble the ball forward or diagonally. You can dribble the ball quicker with the lace touch than the inside touch. Use lace touch to move ball into open space. Lace touch may be carried out by lifting your knee upward, pointing your foot toe downward, lock your ankle, then touch the ball with your shoes laces.

Inside Touch

Soccer players use the inside touch to move ball horizontally, turn, and to dribble while protecting the ball from other team players. players can perform an inside touch, by moving their ball receiving leg outward slightly, lock their ankle, then touch the ball gently with the middle of the inside of their foot.

By adapting this procedure ball should go across player body. If the ball goes too far or too close in front of a player, he may adjust the angle of his foot.

Outside Touch

Players use the outside touch to accelerate ball speed to overtake defenders, turn, and cut to the side. A player while performing an outside touch, move his leg inward slightly, lock his ankle and then touch the ball with the middle of the outside of his foot.

Sole Touch

The soul touch is used while turning, beat defensive line, and move in to all directions.
This touch is used to destroy the defense line of opponents. Great players used this touch to take game advantages and it’s the hardest touch to master, but tireless and constant practice delivers the desired results.

A player can perform sole touch by putting his foot lightly on the ball. Roll the ball to the side and execute a small hop with your other foot while rolling the ball. Soccer players use the sole touch to move forward, turn their body to the side.

How to Improve Ball Control and Dribbling?

Soccer Ball Control Tips

Players always learn how to control soccer ball first, and then focus on dribbling, catching and other skills. Therefore, by becoming an expert in ball control, you will become an excellent player in every skill of soccer. In order to improve your ball control skills, I have written down some useful techniques:-

Ensure Light Contact with The Ball

Whenever a soccer player makes contact with the ball, it’s called a touch. By making gentle touches, a player makes sure that he makes contact with the ball for long time, which means that he’ll slowdown in the beginning of game. However, he’ll soon start to make more interaction with the ball, meaning that he’ll make more contact with the ball. A player is good when ball is in his control.

Ensure That the Ball Is Close To One’s Feet

Whenever a player pass it forward and back between his feet’s inside, ensure that his knees are bent. If he is up against a challenger, make sure that he keeps his body between the ball and the attacker or defender. It facilitates him to change your direction earlier. Additional advantage of keeping the ball near his feet is that defenders will face trouble when trying to intercept the ball.

Use Foot’s Leading Edge to Carry Out Dribble Galloping

Always use the same foot to gallop forward each time he steps forward. It allows him to keep the ball close to the foot by all the times. When he run, retain his foot’s leading edge forward, it permits him to keep contact between his foot’s leading edge and the ball, which assists him to have the most stability and speed.

However, it doesn’t relate when making stops, direction changes, and cuts. It’s only for moving the ball downfield with maximum control and speed as possible.

Ensure Keep the Ball on One’s Peripheral Vision’s Lower Edge

Many learners have a tendency to to use their general vision of the field on the ball as they improve their dribbling skills. However, a player when taking out ball control drills for soccer; he would cultivate the routine of keeping the ball at his peripheral vision’s bottom as he start the learning procedure?

It assists him to maintain a general awareness of the whole ground, which lets him to see scoring positions, open teammates and cracks in his rivals’ defense.

Make Sure to Change Pace

A soccer player always ensures that he changes his pace since proceeding predictably is one easy way that a defender can hang him. The best way to change his dribbling pace is by carrying out ball control drills. In this way, he enables to change pace frequently and quicker, allowing him to push defenders away from his track.

Protection of Ball by Using Body

As the defender gets near to a soccer player, he makes sure to protect the ball using his body, for example, his shoulders, legs and arms. He must go between the ball and the defender. Additional tip is to keep the ball away from the defender using the foot that is distant from them.

Tips for Soccer Ball Control Drills

If you want to become a good soccer player, you must to make sure to keep protecting himself from injuries during carrying out ball drills. It means that you should start eating the right food items and do trainings before the beginning of season. An additional tip is to ensure that you exercise well and eat right round the year, which guarantees that you stay fit in all the events.

While playing or practicing, make sure to remove hurdles, like broken glass and wreckages and fill up any holes in the playground. Also store any extra equipment or balls to the field’s sides before start the soccer games.

Carry out stretching and warm up exercises before start soccer drills. For example, run around the ground or carry out jumping jacks as a player it is good for you to warm up your muscles before stretching them.

Examine the goals posts at each end to ensure that they are safe. The goal posts should be attached securely to the ground and should be well padded to decrease injury risks to the players and goalkeepers who may collide with the posts.

If playing on a wet field, make sure to use nonabsorbent and synthetic balls, because the leather soccer balls may become wet, and heavy, which increases the risks of injuries to players. In this case use only top-quality soccer balls that they can give you maximum results without getting wet.

Keep soccer drills exciting, subsequently it’s the reason that made anyone to start playing it. A player must follow the soccer ball drill rules and precautions to avoid injuries to enjoy the game, just as he wants.

Good ball control gives a player mastery in his games.

Good luck, I wish you an excellent skilled player, cheers.

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