What is trapping in soccer?

Trapping is a very high-demand skill in soccer. In this article you will learn about the importance of trapping in soccer and also will guide you that how you can learn and excel different trapping methods.

Do you want to flex your skills in front of your friends?


You want to become the next Ronaldo out there who would be known for these skills and dribbling then you are at the right place to learn all about it.

There are a lot of methods that can be used to learn to trap but the best method out there involves vigor, stamina, and patience with excellent reflex

Today I will highlight to you how you can use your skill to become the best trapping player out there in the world. Let’s get started about what should be done in order to learn about this skill.

What does it mean for a player to trap the ball in soccer?

Trapping means an action where a player wants to have the ball that is coming his way. This means that you should be able to stop a ball that is coming towards you then you need to stop this ball with a velocity of zero so that the ball stays with you.

A soccer player always tends to keep the ball with them and they trap it when they receive a ball from their friend. This involves a high level of skill and patience in the longer run.

It is one of the most fundamental skills that a player should have because it involves a great deal of patience and skill and one should be able to master it in the shortest amount of time.

If you don’t really know how to trap a ball then you won’t be able to master it. If you are new to soccer then it one of the most important skills that you have to learn. You need to work overtime so that you can learn this skill.

Now we will talk about the different type of trapping we would like to talk about what trapping and how we can use for our benefit.

You should receive both the high balls as well as the low balls this means trapping the ball so that you can make the next that you always wanted to make.

How to trap a high soccer ball?

If you ever see a soccer ball that is coming towards you then you should be able to trap it with your chest as well as your head. These are the most common method to trap a high incoming ball

How to trap a ball with your chest?

Trapping a ball with your chest is very easy and it isn’t that hard but it requires a lot of practice and patience. This means you should be able to start very early if you want to learn this skill as early as possible.

Learn the ball hitting with your chest. It should land exactly in the center so that you can avoid it hitting your hand. There should be no mistakes. It would be like a ball hitting a flat surface so that you can easily control it.

Learn a little bit back so that the ball can be cushioned.

Act as flexibly as possible. So that you will be able to chest trap.

One thing is that you should be able to do is that trap the ball so that all the movement is completely absorbed and the ball is within your reach instead of going to your enemy spot.

If you would keep standing still then there would be a high chance that the ball will hit you and won’t make it. The ball will bounce off and it will move away from you as fast as it could.

You should move in such a direction that the movement of the ball is completely changed. This has to be done during a chest trap. The ball will bounce on your chest and you should learn a little backward so that the ball does not bounce away from you.

This sounds too harsh and hard at first. But if you practice then you can make anything happen. Absorbing the speed of the ball will come to you intuitively. You should be able to do all this with your sheer will and skill.

After you have done that has been told to you. You should be able to move the ball in any direction. This will come to your later but first, you should be able to control the ball. This will make things very easy for you. With practice, you can make anything possible.

Keep in mind that you are not going to do all this alone. A ball will come to you when your opponent will make a mistake and you have to utilize this as soon as possible.

For this very reason, you might be able to cushion the ball.

If you have a defender on the right side then you have to position the ball in such a manner that it will move away from the defender and you can score a blazing goal.

You have to jump if you can. This means you have to do all this in milliseconds in order to receive the ball and then position yourself. You should keep all the mentioned tips in your mind while doing this.

How to trap a ball with your head only?

A head should be used so that a ball coming towards you can be moved in any direction that you like. It would be a high-moving ball. You should trap a ball with your head to your desired location when the ball get’s too high.

If the ball is too high then you can use your head. But you can also use your chest so that you can control the ball.

The forehead is the only part of your body that can receive the ball without you being hurt. This area of the head can receive any kind of call this means you can handle the ball in any way you want.

Lean your head backward with the ball so that you can lean the ball. This means doing what is necessary. You should keep your head firm and let the ball bounce off whenever it can.

Meanwhile, you should move your head a little backward so that the speed of the ball can be managed.

There are countless ways through which you can receive a high ball that is coming your way during a soccer match. This means that you can add any type of traps according to your situation and according to your will.

There are many types of traps that can be used according to the need of the hours. You should keep in mind that if you are using a ball then you should be able to do a 2 touch trap so that the ball that is high can be controlled properly. You should be able to use your chest twice and trap the ball.

If the ball is moving too fast towards you in this case the first ball would touch first and then absorb the speed of the ball, however, in the second touch you would be able to trap the ball so that the speed of the ball is completely reduced according to your need.

A fast-moving ball can only be controlled if you move a little backward then means that your ball has to bounce off and you should be able to lean a little backward.

A great tip is that, let the ball bounce somewhere so it can be controlled. You should be able to reach the ball immediately. Use your head or your chest to control your ball you can use a wide variety of techniques to do so.

How to trap a low soccer ball?

A low soccer ball can be trapped very easily. For this purpose you can use two ways through which the ball can be trapped.

  • Foot trap
  • Thigh trap

Foot trap:

It is one of the most common types of trapping that is used all over the world according to the need of the players. This is also known as the step trap or the foot trap more specifically.

A foot trap or the step trap means that you need to step on the ball to stop it. To do the step trap the ball should be moving in your direction and you should be able to handle the ball. You should just stop it and then stop the ball with just one of your feet.

Professional players don’t really do it. They are always on the go and they want to score the goal whenever they can with the moving ball so that they can’t be stopped. This means that stopping the ball can be waste of time for a lot of people.

During big games the players who can’t afford to stall just make the shoot whenever they can.

Trapping a ball with the side of your foot:

Trapping a ball with one side of your foot would be your ultimate weapon while playing soccer. If a ball is moving towards you then you should control your ball.

A professional soccer player often directs the ball wherever they can so that they can touch it.

To trap the ball you should use the inner side of your foot.

This means has been mentioned before. Your foot should be flexible enough to stop the ball. Move yourself a little bac so that the ball can lose its speed. Rotate your foot a bit so that you can direct your ball directly and move in any direction you want.

This sounds a little hard but with practice, it is all possible.

Use the other side of your foot and trap the ball. Move very fast and stop the ball so that you can run fast. Make yourself comfortable so that you can move longer period of time.

Trapping a ball with the bridge of your foot:

The bridge of your foot can also be used to trap the ball. If the ball is in the air and coming to your trajectory then being close and being perpendicular is your only option. The trap of the foot can be used to bridge the ball.

If you are keen to use the juggling skills of yours then make it happen with your foot.

Trap your ball with thigh:

You can also use your thigh as well if the ball is higher than that of your knees. But it should be kept in a very low position than that of your position.

If this is the case then let the ball hit one of your thighs and let your leg, as well as your foot, move a little backward so that you can hit the ball so that it won’t bounce away from you and you can control the ball properly.

If the ball is a little higher then using your thigh might be the only option you have for this purpose.


There are the following ways that can be used to trap the ball.

  • Head trap
  • Thigh trap
  • Chest trap
  • Foot trap
  • Step trap
  • Sided trap
  • Bridge trap

If you find this article useful let me know in the comments about my efforts and please do share it with other soccer lovers, so that they will also get familiar about ” what is trapping in soccer?

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