Know about the history of soccer balls, why it was black and white. Also learn about the new design of soccer ball when invented by an American architect inadvertently during the process of structural improvement and development.

Why are Soccer Balls Black and White?

Football is the most popular and largely playing sport in the world. Everything about it can be closely watched, such as the health of the football players, the weather on the day of the match, the players who will take the lead in the first few minutes, and the position of the grass before the start of the match.

However, the tools of the game have not received as much attention as football. The reason is that the various shapes and colors of the ball have a long history. Now, large brands and companies related to the use of high-tech and modern technology to manufacture sports equipment, but they remember the original model of the ball.

At present, Adidas is in a leading position as the main supplier of major events, including the Champions League finals, the World Championships and the Intercontinental Cup. On the other hand, the smaller shareholder is Nike as a competitor. They serve for other championships in individual countries, especially the Premier League and the Russian Championships.

Let us look back at history and see where the legendary black and white ball format came from, and then the beginning of a new era of football.

What was Before Black and White Soccer Ball?

The first football was made of genuine leather, using a special stitching technique, and with the help of a strong thread. The ball is dyed a deep color, but in addition to the color, the ball is heavy enough that players often get injured in the game.

During the first World Championships, each host country released its own football. However, when Italy invented and introduced a unique panel with cotton laces in 1934, it was much softer than the previous ball. After the invention of this new ball, football players no longer wear protective equipment.

In 1950, FIFA officially announced the application of words and logos to the ball, and then in 1954 some uniform parameters of the ball, such as weight and diameter, were established. In 1970, the ball with the old design still had only three colors-white, black and orange. By using these balls, football players’ least trust in the earth always occurs, because at the end of the game, the color of these balls often changes dramatically. This change in shell color has a completely different direction and a bad experience on the green lawn. Especially at the FIFA World Cup held in Chile in 1962.

First mention of new design football

The first new design of the football is much lighter than the old format, with a structure of balanced quality, and a fixed patch made of synthetic parts. This design belongs to American architect Richard Banminster.

This is not his idea of ​​creating a new football, but an invention that occurred during the development of methods to improve the structure of the building. Fortunately, he became the creator of the new sphere design. This is all about the correct stitching of the black pentagons and white hexagons of the football.

This design appeared a bit later, before the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. A large TV broke in and created their broadcast record, which was unthinkable at the time and could be watched all over the world. According to reports, this special football color combination is best seen on black and white TV screens during live matches.

In that game, the name of the ball was Telstar (also in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, this name was used again for the ball). The ball’s name basically comes from the communications satellite of the same name, which has black and white square modules and is launched into space.

Manufacturers and brands have long abandoned the classic football design and replaced it with new designs and technical solutions to combine individual components. However, the black and white ball is famous in history. There is a feeling that such a design can once again come to a large football stadium, bringing melancholy to the era when Pele and Maradona played this ball.

What do you know and feel about black and white football in history?

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